A Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) is for certain classes of employees.  If you worked at a certain plant or facility for at least 250 days and have one of the 22 covered SEC cancers, you can become compensated without undergoing a dose reconstruction test.  SEC time periods vary by facility.  Various individuals are working to get more SECs approved so former workers can receive much-needed benefits.

Below is a listing of approved, pending, and denied SEC petitions, including contact information for the petitioners that are currently being debated. If you have information that may assist the petitioners in proving their case, please contact them. For more information on approved SECs, please visit the DOL website  For a list of all SEC petitions please visit the Office of Compensation Analysis and Support (OCAS).


To view a list of approved SEC facilities and the qualifying dates, please visit the Department of Labor website. 

Please refer to the SEC Petition Status Table, provided by NIOSH.