Part B

Part B under the EEOICPA provides monetary compensation of $150,000 and medical benefits from the date a claim is filed if it is approved.  It is not retroactive to the date you were diagnosed with a work-related  illness, only the date you filed a claim.  Therefore, as soon as you are diagnosed with a work-related illness, it is important to file your claim so medical benefits can begin  as soon as possible.

Department of Energy Employees, contractors or subcontractors qualify if:

  • They have a radiation caused cancer that is at least as likely as not  to be caused as a result of working at the facility or site. The  “At least as likely as not” standard is measured through a process called Dose Reconstruction.  Dose Reconstruction is a process set up by National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) that configures and estimates a workers exposure dose using their job title and length of employment.
  • The worker is identified in a class of Special Exposure Cohorts (SECs).  An SEC is a site or facility that has been identified during a specific time frame as not having sufficient or accurate data to utilize dose reconstruction.  Therefore, the assumption is made that if you worked  at least 250 days during that timeframe and and have one the 22 covered cancers, you automatically qualify for benefits and compensation. You can view the current SEC designations here.
  • They worked at a covered facility were they had exposure to beryllium. Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD) is a potentially commensurable illness under part B if the worker was exposed to beryllium during their employment. Those who are found to have beryllium sensitivity will be granted regular health screenings at no cost to monitor for the development of CBD.
  • They worked at least 250 days during the mining of tunnels at underground nuclear test sites in Nevada or Alaska and developed silicosis.

For Uranium Workers

$50,000 in compensation and payment of medical expenses from the date a claim is filed is available for:

  •  Uranium workers (or their survivors) previously awarded RECA benefits by the Department of Justice

Survivor Benefits

If the employee is deceased, Part B compensation may be payable to eligible survivors in
the following order: spouse, children, parents, grandchildren, and grandparents of the deceased. Only cash benefits are paid to survivors, no medical benefits are awarded.