DOL Advisory Board

DOL Advisory Board Meeting Held in Oak Ridge, TN

The Advisory Board on Toxic Substances and Worker Health for Part E of the EEOICPA program met in Oak Ridge, TN on Oct. 17-19. The Board voted unanimously to forward a variety of recommendations to the Secretary of Labor for his approval and implementation. Below are a few highlights.
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Recommendations included:

  1. Establishing a process where an Industrial Hygienist can interview an EEOICPA claimant.
  2. Submitting an entire claimant file to the Contract Medical Consultant and Industrial Hygienist instead of the Claims Examiner choosing which questions those experts should answer.
  3. Adopting the Institute of Medicine’s suggestion to incorporate databases from other federal agencies such as NIOSH, OSHA and the EPA into the Site Exposure Matrix (SEM).
  4. Researching the feasibility for claimants to access their file online, similar to what medical offices provide.
  5. Presuming a diagnosis of sarcoidosis is chronic beryllium disease (CBD) so a lymphocyte proliferation test is not required.
  6. Rescinding the policy which presumes that workers were not exposed above regulated levels after 1995.

The meeting was very well attended by many former Oak Ridge workers as well as national advocates. These workers were given the chance to voice their concerns during the public comment period of the meeting and many of their concerns were taken into consideration by the Board.