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Nevada’s Cold War veterans deserve to be recognized for the immeasurable contributions and sacrifices they made to our nation’s safety while working at the Nevada Test Site.

Our nation's Cold War veterans and their families made tremendous sacrifices in the name of security, and for that we will always owe them a debt of gratitude.

Since World War II, hundreds of thousands of men and women, including uranium miners, millers, and haulers, have served the United States by building our nuclear defense weapons.

We owe our Cold War heroes a lifetime of support

The Day of Remembrance honors the thousands of men and women who supported the nation's nuclear efforts during the Cold War.

All nuclear weapons program workers and their families made great sacrifices to build our country’s nuclear defense program. This day is an opportunity to honor and thank them for all their hard work and dedication.

After World War II, hundreds of thousands of Americans went to work to build our nation's nuclear arsenal and help us win the Cold War.

Civilian workers and their families have made extraordinary sacrifices to keep our nation safe, particularly during the Cold War.