History of the Quilt

How the quilt was made

This spectacular quilt took over a year to make and was a labor of love to recognize individuals who proudly served their country. Each quilt square contains the name of a former worker, his/her years of service and the facility where he/she worked.

Purpose of the Remembrance Quilt:

  • Preserve and honor the legacy of dedicated individuals who worked in secrecy and sometimes in harm’s way to ensure the safety of our nation.
  • Raise awareness and celebrate the National Day of Remembrance as recognized by the United States Senate each year on October 30th.
  • Share a unique perspective on the compelling history of the United States nuclear defense effort and one of the most transformative events in our nation’s history.

Throughout 2011, CWP collected over 1,250 hand-written quilt squares. Diana Swartzwelter, a friend of CWP, spent over 300 hours laying each square across 12 8′ tables in her family room. Each quilt square was united together by thread and over 1,000 hand tied bows. This one-of-a-kind Remembrance Quilt will continue to travel the country and bring awareness to these men and women who helped build our nation’s nuclear arsenal.

The Quilt being sewn together

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Quilt Square

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Diana Swartzwelter shows off her process

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More About the Quilt

History of the Quilt | Representing Over 1250 Workers | Be A Part of History!