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We are excited to be accepting applications for our travelling display for 2016 and beyond. This one-of-a-kind quilt and the accompanying interactive kiosk will travel across the country for temporary display at select locations such as museums, universities, and places of historical relevance. The interactive kiosk contains educational programming focused on the significance of the quilt and an overview of the massive industrial process spread across the U.S. including mining, research, production and testing of the nuclear weapons described from a worker’s perspective.

Apply to display the quilt at your location

There are two quilts available for display.  One is the standard quilt size of 5′ by 8′, and the other is a grand display of 11′ by 17′.  Depending on the space available at your location, and the reservation schedule, you may choose which quilt to request.  To reserve this one-of-a kind exhibit, please call 303.764.4292 or email Kristin at to request more information.

More About the Quilt

History of the Quilt | Representing Over 1250 Workers

The Quilt being sewn together

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Quilt Square

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Quilt Hanging in a Museum

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