The Cold War Patriots Quilt Project

Remembering the Cold War Patriots

The American Flag is a symbol of freedom and sacrifice by those before us.  This one-of-a-kind exhibit honors those individuals working on the home-front to preserve our safety and way of life . It shows how a determined nation (civilian and military) worked together to change the course of history. Let your museum patrons explore a time in history kept secret for so many years, but is now unlocked to learn about average men and women who made a difference!

After an opening exhibit at the National Quilt Museum, the quilt display traveled to Nevada where it was showcased during the dedication at the Atomic Testing Museum, a National Museum and Smithsonian Affiliate.

Click here to read a letter from Allan Palmer, Atomic Testing Museum

Quilt Hanging in a Museum

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Detail of Quilt Hanging in a Museum

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More About the Quilt

History of the Quilt | Representing Over 1250 Workers | Be A Part of History!