DOL Manuals and Training Materials

DOL EEOICPADOL Manuals and Training Materials

DOL’s EEOICPA District Medical Consultants’ Handbooks

DOL has contracted with ACS to provide Contracted Medical Consultants (CMC) who provide medical opinions on the validity of EEOICPA claims.  According to DEEOIC the CMCs use the current Medical Consultant Handbook to give them guidance on how to do this.




DOL’s EEOICPA SEM Website User Reference Guide

DOL uses a different Site Exposure Matrix and Claims Examiners are able to run different searches and use different filters than the public can on the Public SEM.  EECAP requested a copy of the SEM Manual and Claims Examiner training materials through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Here is what DOL sent.

Please note that DEEOIC has blanked out portions of the SEM Website User Reverence Guide claiming Exemption 2 which allows DOL to withhold information when they feel disclosure would allow claimants, advocates and the public to “circumvent agency regulations or statutes.  EECAP is appealing this use of the exemption.


Final Adjudication Branch Training Materials



DEEOIC Teleconference Notes

In addition to using the Procedure Manual and Final Bulletins, DEEOIC also uses Teleconference Notes to adjudicate claims. In 2012 DEEOIC stopped releasing these Notes to the public.


DOL Basic Claims Examiner Training Course

DOL has provided EECAP with an updated and corrected version of the Claims Examiner Training Manual.  Because some of the files they sent us are so large they may be extremely slow in loading.  If you are unable to download a large file, please contact EECAP and we will provide you with the files in another way. There is no Chapter 3 or 19.  If you would like to see a copy of the old training manual, please contact us and we will provide you with it.


Claims Examiner Training Power Points

Claims Examiner Training Manual Participant Guides


Claims Examiner Training Manual Instructor Guides


 Claims Examiner Training Manual Case Studies

DOL’s Procedure Manual and Bulletins

DEEOIC Medical Billing Manuals