Information Received through FOIA

EECAP, ANWAG, and other advocates have been collecting information through FOIA for years.  This webpage is an ongoing collection of  the information that has been received.  Information will be added over time.  Please contact us if you have received FOIAed information about EEOICPA topics that you would like to share.


DEEOIC Industrial Hygienist Contract

Number of Expedited Claims for Terminal Illness

DEEOIC’s Audit Report on Contracting Medical Consultants

DOL Request for documents consulted for determinations in Final Circulars 15-05 and 15-06 (FOIA 781774)

DOE Request for documents provided to DEEOIC for the SEM FOIA #HQ-2014-00563-F, February 6, 2014

DEEOIC Training Materials for New Scanning/Mailing Policy, FOIA #737555, January 7, 2014

2012 DEEOIC Accountability Review Findings, FOIA # 737834

DEEOIC Nurse Consultant Performance Standards, FOIA # 740051

DEEOIC 2014 Performance Management Plans, FOIA # 736266

DEEOIC Monthly Bill Processing Reports, FOIA # 736265

DEEOIC Bill Resolution Reports, FOIA # 736259

DEEOIC CE’s SEM Instruction Manual, FOIA # 719640

DEEOIC QTC Contract for Contract Medical Consultants, FOIA #715987

DOE Piketon Criticality Alarms

DEEOIC Performance Management Plans, FOIA #686791

DEEOIC Paragon Contract for Resource Centers, FOIA #FY12-691283

DEEOIC ACS Billing Contract, FOIA #FY12-677155

DEEOIC Claims Examiner Training Materials, Requested 2010; Provided 2012

DOL Incentive Awards

DEEOIC Guidance for District Medical Consultants