Connecting members to information

Our mission at Cold War Patriots is to connect our members with the information, resources and people necessary to help them with their individual situations. Membership in Cold War Patriots is free!

Cold War Patriots helps connect people to resources through:

Strength in Numbers

Cold War Patriots is making a difference! Whether we are calling on Congress for a National Day of Remembrance or working with government officials to ensure the EEOICPA and RECA programs operate with integrity and transparency, our members are having an impact. But we can’t do it without you – more members means more voices and more influence. Sign up today for a free membership to make sure your voice is heard.

Nationwide Network of Professionals and Advocates

Cold War Patriots has assembled a network of professionals and advocates to assist members with the complexities of the EEOICPA and RECA programs. Whether you need someone to help you start the claims process, re-file a denied claim, help locate records or technical information, or to determine what services are available under the program, our network can provide assistance or guidance.

Local Events and Resource Fairs

Cold War Patriots hosts local events to connect you with resources in your own community. We often bring together local businesses, legal resources, health providers and your former co-workers for an informative and enjoyable afternoon.

Informational Newsletters

We keep our members up to date with news and events that relate to them. Whether there are new legislative items, action alerts or updated policy regarding the energy program, we want to keep you informed as to the latest news in the nuclear and uranium complex.